Due to the challenges COVID-19 has brought on global health systems, the need for research efforts has increased in significance, whereby operational research is needed now more than ever before to answer questions posed by the pandemic. This is true especially in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR), a region already challenged by sociopolitical and economical unrests that challenged countries’ health systems.

Within this understanding, this two-day virtual symposium addresses research conducted in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR) on COVID-19. It responds to the need to bring researchers and public health professionals, and experts together in one space to discuss pertinent issues the pandemic raises.

The symposium provides an ideal space for Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP) residents, graduates, directors, technical advisors, and other  public health professionals and experts from the EMR to share knowledge  alongside representatives from other similar networks, NGOs, and other partner organizations.

Symposium Objectives:

  • To showcase COVID-19 scientific articles, research, and case studies published in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR).
  • To increase the visibility of the FETPs’ field experiences as well as the work of other public health professionals in the region and to bring to the forefront work, achievements, and research they have conducted on COVID-19.
  • To allow participants to exchange knowledge, experiences, and to learn from different countries’ experiences.
  • To provide a space for discussions that may lead to the elevation of COVID-19 research in the region.


Holding the theme COVID-19 in the Eastern Mediterranean Region: Epidemiology, Impact, and Lessons Learned the symposium provides the ideal space for FETP graduates, residents, and public health professionals to present and share their hard work with the public health community. Presenters will be sharing part of the great work that they have been doing, work that COVID-19 made  more noticeable due to the high risk it poses to health workers across the globe.

The symposium’s theme places the spotlight on the work FETPs and other public health professionals have been doing to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Such work is filled with great and important lessons. It comprises many examples and experiences that make it worth sharing and learning from. The lessons learned from such work can be used in the future to defeat any outbreak before it becomes a pandemic and/or end a pandemic in its early stages. Lessons learned during COVID-19 are hard-earned, invaluable, and worth sharing. They define the experience that ought to guide the public health community towards success in similar future situations.

Date, time, location

Date: Wednesday, April 7- Thursday, April 8, 2021.

Time: From 02:00 PM to 06:00 PM (Jordan Time)

Location: Zoom


The symposium will host two Keynote speakers (one Keynote speaker each day), followed by presentations focusing on the operational research work of FETPs and other Public Health professionals.

Who can attend?

To allow for the most diverse knowledge exchange experience, participation and attendance, the symposium will be open for regional and international experts working in public health and other related fields. The symposium welcomes participants and attendants who include:

  • High-level officials from Ministries of Health in the region
  • Public Health Experts from around the world
  • FETP residents and graduates
  • Representatives from UN agencies, international organizations, and local NGOs
  • Representatives from line ministries
  • Public Health academics
  • Private sector
  • Students
  • Others interested in the field